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I use an end to end encrypted open source online platform called wire. Download it is as an

app to your phone first then sign in using those setup details on your computer or laptop. The

icon for the wire app is a black W on a white background.


I would suggest logging in 5 minutes before our session is due to start to ensure your

computer and internet connection are working OK as well to give yourself time to prepare

yourself for your session.


Please ensure that the light is not behind you and that your whole head and upper body are

visible. You may want to do a trial run with a friend to make sure you can be seen and heard.

Staying safe

Ensure that you are in a quiet and private space, your appointments are for you only so please

ensure that there are no other people in the room with you or who can overhear. You may want

to use headphones and have a radio on outside your room.

It will be your responsibility to ensure the appropriate environment during our sessions. It’s a

good idea to find a space that you can use throughout.

For confidentiality purposes do not to use the ‘chat’ function, if you do please ensure that you

choose not to record the history (you can do this in settings).

Please ensure that people coming into the room, mobile phones or telephones cannot

interrupt you during our sessions.

It is advised that you keep your mobile phone off during our sessions unless you are using it

for the call - in this case please turn off access to your mobile network and set any other

notifications to not interrupt.


If we can’t contact each other or lose contact during a session you can continue by

  calling 07746567153.

If my computer has broken (unlikely, but it could happen), I’ll contact you by text, phone or

email just to say why I’m not online, then we’ll decide whether to reschedule or use the ‘phone

for that session.

If you can’t find me on online at our arranged time or your computer breaks down, let me know

by email or text to 07746567153  to say you can’t meet.


Please make sure that you have an anti-virus program installed on your computer or device.

Payment options

Standing Order:

A Standing order can be set up either at your bank or via online banking. If a session falls

during a holiday the payment can easily be put on hold.

Bank details:


 sort code




Your reference: *your clients initials are a good way for you to recognise who the

payment is from*

Online by direct bank transfer:

This can be done using the bank details above.


Pay cash at the beginning of your session

Eamonn McVeigh  UKCP Consultant Pschotherapist   Suite 17  Adelaide House

07746567153     [email protected]